A.P. Rounds

Type Ammunition
Project Experimental Ammo
Production Cost 1 Elerium Core
Production Time Instant

A.P. Rounds is a Utility Item in XCOM 2.

A.P. Rounds Information

Hand machined from ultra strong, ultra light alien alloys, these deadly rounds will effectively bypass all enemy armor to deal unmitigated damage. 

Tactical Info

Bypasses up to 5 points of enemy armor to do unmitigated damage.

Tactical Strategies

These are highly effective rounds to equip on your damage dealing soldiers when up against heavily armored foes. The armor bypass can result in a highly effective hit that can down an enemy.

Utility Items

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    • Anonymous

      Wait, these rounds use "ultra light" alien materials? That would make for an AWFUL bullet. Good bullets are as dense as possible, which is why we usually use lead. Superior bullets are make from uranium. A LIGHT bullet would lack enough kinetic energy to penetrate a stiff breeze, let alone tank armor.

      • Anonymous
        Great on pistolaros03 Mar 2016 13:29  

        A Sharpshooter specializing in Pistols love this round, as it allows them to negate most/all of the armor that weakens their multiple weak attack abilities.

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