ADVENT Officer

Aim 75
Crit 10
Defense ??
Health 7
Mobility 12
Will 60
Tech 125

ADVENT Officer is an Enemy in XCOM 2. 

ADVENT Officer Information

It has been 20 years since XCOM failed to defeat the alien threat. In the years since the first invasion, a new group of collaborators have risen to favor with the alien occupiers. These individuals are ADVENT - a group of soldiers who make up the aliens' own personal police force. Every group of ADVENT soldiers is always led by an ADVENT Officer wearing red.


  • Magnetic Rifle: 3-4 Damage
  • Grenade: 2-3 Damage, 1 Shred
  • Mark Target: direct the attacks of their soldiers
  • Improve the stats of their fellow soldiers

Tactical Strategies

As these provide a buff to their allies as well as coordinate their efforts, it's not a bad idea to target them for removal first. 

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