Aim 50
Crit ??
Defense ??
Health 6
Armor 3
Will 50
Tech 35

ADVENT Turret is an Enemy in XCOM 2. 

ADVENT Turret Information

Defensive structures that can be mounted on facilities or vehicles to support the ADVENT movements in a map. Highly vulnerable to hacking. Often the structures they are placed on can be destroyed from beneath them, which also destroys the turret when it falls through. Taking these out in combat can earn a chance to upgrade the Defense Matrix in the Avenger.


  • Magnetic Rifle: 3-4 Damage
  • Does not move so can shoot twice per turn or fire once and enter overwatch.
  • Gains accuracy bonus when firing from elevated position.

Tactical Strategies

Immune to fire, poison, flash and stun, vulnerable to hacking and EMP Grenade and EMP Bomb as well as Bluescreen Rounds. Destroying the facility or surface they are attached to is also a completely viable option.

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