Acid Bomb

Type Throwable
Project Advanced Explosives
Production Cost 1 Elerium Core
Production Time Instant

Acid Bomb is a Utility Item in XCOM 2.

Acid Bomb Information

The chemical additive in the upgraded Acid Bomb is extremely corrosive, able to strip away most enemy armor immediately, while continuing to damage the target over time with chemical burns.

Tactical Info

5-6 damage, 10 range, 3 radius, 4 shred. Enemies burned with acid may take additional damage over multiple turns

Tactical Strategies

A tactical upgrade over the Acid Grenade, this item is an advanced piece of weaponry that is very effective against heavily armored enemies such as the Sectopod. As is usual with grenades, being able to damage multiple enemies within the radius is ideal. It takes advantage of the strengths of the Grenadier class.

Utility Items

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