Acid Grenade

Type Throwable
Project Experimental Grenade
Production Cost 1 Elerium Core
Production Time Instant

Acid Grenade is a Utility Item in XCOM 2.

Acid Grenade Information

The addition of a corrosive chemical additive to our standard frag grenades results in a small explosive that is especially effective at removing enemy armor. Targets will continue to suffer persistent damage as the acid clings to them and continues to eat away at any surface it touches. 

Tactical Info

3-4 damage, 10 range, 3 radius, 2 shred. Enemies burned with acid may take additional damage over multiple turns.

Tactical Strategies

This particular grenade is particularly useful at applying damage over time to enemies susceptible to its acid damage such as ?? especially when clustered. As one of the higher level grenades possible from Experimental Grenade it is part of the more advanced explosive loadout options.

Utility Items

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