Aim 80
Crit 10
Defense 10
Health 15
Armor 4
Mobility 14
Will 100

Andromedon is an Enemy in XCOM 2. 

Andromedon Information

We regret to inform you that the Muton and the Berserker are not the only hulking monstrosities you'll encounter in XCOM 2, Commander. Our operatives in the field have relayed intelligence on the Andromedon, a new hybrid enemy unit combining the intelligence of organics with the strength of machinery.

Each Andromedon sits inside of an advanced Battlesuit, which our scientists believe helps them survive Earth's atmosphere. The Battlesuit provides tactical benefits to the Andromedon: it can tear down most walls with ease and devastate XCOM soldiers with powerful melee strikes. Rangers, take note!

The Andromedon's Battlesuit also has an internal coolant that corrodes organic tissue, and our recon teams have witnessed the creature launch this acidic liquid at its enemies. On impact, the liquid splatters and pools, further damaging any XCOM soldier caught within it.

Our observations have also revealed the Andromedon is immune to fire, poison and acid, so don't bother wasting your enhanced ammunition when encountering this elite alien unit. We've even heard sporadic reports that the Andromedon's Battlesuit can act independent of its host, though we're unable to confirm at this time.


  • Andromedon Cannon: 9-11 Damage, 2 Shred
  • Acid Bomb
  • Overwatch
  • Fist Strike


Tactical Strategies

  • The first form of this enemy is an organic form and susceptible to the same weaknesses, however when it morphs into its second form after taking enough damage, it becomes a mechanical enemy. The suit on its own is slow moving and has no ranged capabilities
  • In its mechanical form, it's Hackable, and is more suspecible to Bluescreen Rounds and EMP Grenades.
  • In its first (organic) form, it has an armour rating of 4. Using Armor-piercing Rounds is highly recommended. It can also be Mind Controlled.
  • Any overkill damage on its organic form will not transfer to its mechanical form.

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