Archon King

Aim 75
Crit ??
Defense 25
Health 100
Mobility 14
Will 50
Dodge 25

Archon King is an Enemy in XCOM 2. It is exclusive to the Alien Hunters DLC and is one of the unique rulers that can be randomly encountered during Missions.

Archon King Information


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  • Archon King Staff: 7-10 Ranged Damage, Shred 2
  • Devastate: 2-6 Damage, can disorient, stun and knock unconscious. Hits on next ruler reaction and cannot be interrupted by killing the king.
  • Icarus Drop: 3-9 Damage. Grabs one of your soldiers and flies into the air. On next ruler reaction, if not interrupted, will smash soldier on the ground.


Tactical Strategies

  • It is advisable to take these enemies down with your biggest damage dealers before they take flight. Once in the air they can be devastating to your units. 



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