Bolt Caster

Class Ranger
Project N/A
Weapon Upgrade Slots ??
Damage ??
Crit ??
Aim ??
Clip Size 1

Bolt Caster is a Weapon in XCOM 2. It is exclusive to the Alien Hunters DLC. It is classified as an Assault Rifle

Bolt Caster Information


Discovered among a cache of seemingly archaic weaponry, the Bolt Caster is deceptively powerful but limited by a slow rate of fire. Targeted enemies have a chance of being stunned on impact. This weapon is unique, and cannot be duplicated or replaced.


Tactical Info

  • More precise than the standard Assault Rifle
  • Each attack has a chance to stun targets and cannot be dodged.
  • Effective against genetically enhanced aliens.
  • Must be reloaded after every shot.



  • ??
  • ??

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