Defense Matrix is a Facility in XCOM 2. The Defense Matrix allows you to repurpose destroyed enemy turrests for use in defending the Avenger from alien attacks.

Defense Matrix Information

  • Staffing Bonus: Staffing an Engineer in this facility improves the stats of the defense turrets installed. 
  • This facility is not as essential early on in the game, so it may be useful to put off its construction until later when you encounter Avenger defense scenarios.
  • This facility is especially useful when encountering the Dark Event Hunt XCOM if you are unable to complete the appropriate Guerrilla Ops to counter it.

Defense Matrix Construction

Prerequisite Build Requirements Build Time Monthly Upkeep Cost
ADVENT Turret Breakdown 75 Supplies, 2 Power ?? 10

Defense Matrix Upgrade


Upgrade Build Requirments Monthly Upkeep Cost Description
Quad Turrets 75 Supplies, 2 Power 15 Install additional turrets on the Avenger, which will help us defend against any ground assaults.

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