E.X.O. Suit

Type Armor
Project Plated Armor 
Production Cost
Production Time 4 Days

E.X.O. Suit is an Armor in XCOM 2. Made in the Proving Ground. Each research provides 1 suit.

E.X.O. Suit Information

In-game description

Tactical Info

  • Provides 5 health to equipped unit
  • Provides 1 armor to equipped unit
  • Provides 1 Heavy Weapons slot

Tactical Strategies

This Armor is great early on in the game for anyone who will be on your front lines taking fire. Not only does it give you +1 more Health than the Predator Armor (which is what most other Soldiers will be using at this stage), but it also provided 1 Armor. That little extra Armor helps keep your Soldier alive and is a great combination with Grenadiers who have taken the Blast Padding ability as they already have 1 Armor.


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