Flashbang Grenade

Type Throwable
Project Flashbang Grenade
Production Cost 35 Supplies
Production Time Instant

Flashbang Grenade is a Utility Item in XCOM 2. It is one of the items you can create from Engineering Projects.

Flashbang Grenade Information

The Flashbang Grenade disrupts and disorients enemies in a very large radius, inflicting significant offensive penalties.

Tactical Info

  • Removes Overwatch from enemies
  • Highly effective against Stun Lancers, as it prevents the use of melee attacks.

Tactical Strategies

  • Benefits from the grenade range increases of the Grenadier. Taking advantage of removing Overwatch from enemies is a useful tactic in allowing your soldiers to be moved where you need. Useful to deploy before making tactical advancement of your units.

Utility Items

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