Frag Grenade

Type Throwable
Project N/A
Production Cost N/A
Production Time N/A
Damage 3-4
Range 10
Radius 3
Shred 1

Frag Grenade is a Utility Item in XCOM 2.

Frag Grenade Information

In-game description

Tactical Info

  • Frag grenades are useful for removing, or "shredding" enemy armor
  • Frag grenades are effective at damaging low-level ADVENT foes, but tougher enemies will shrug them off.
  • Grenades can destroy targets' equipment, so relying on grenades too much will reduce our salvage opportunities. 

Tactical Strategies

Frag grenades are very useful early on the game against the weaker enemies. Often they do enough damage to outright kill an enemy, and be used effectively in clusters of enemies. Eventually you will have to upgrade your grenade options through Research Projects when you start going up against more resistant and stronger enemies.

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