Aim 80
Crit 10
Defense 40
Health 25
Armor ??
Mobility 16
Will 120
Psi 120

Gatekeeper is an Enemy in XCOM 2. 

Gatekeeper Information

We have intel on a new kind of alien threat, Commander – and your soldiers aren't going to like it. This is the Gatekeeper, a powerful psionic floating entity with surprisingly strong offensive and defensive capabilities in XCOM 2.

In its closed state, the Gatekeeper's offensive capabilities are limited; however, it's extremely resistant to damage. Once it opens up, though, that's when it becomes an incredible threat to your squad.

Here's the worst part about the Gatekeeper: while the Sectoid is able to resurrect one fallen unit (ADVENT, XCOM soldiers or civilians) at a time, the Gatekeeper is able to revive multiple units at once. 

The Gatekeeper is able to open psionic rifts to damage nearby soldiers or can fire directly at any unit with its Fire Beam attack. Finally, its Consume ability allows it to touch any nearby unit to sap its life and heal itself. If the target is slain by this attack, it may be reanimated as a psi zombie.


  • Fire Beam: 9-12 Damage
  • Consume: restores health based on the amount of damage dealt. Killed humans will be reanimated as a zombie.
  • Gateway: AoE psionic rift that damages soldiers and creates zombies of corpses


Tactical Strategies

Vulnerable to gas, flashbang and incendiary damage, flashbangs that hit it will eliminate any zombies it has risen. After opening its casing to use its beam, it will stay exposed momentarily during which it is weaker to attacks, at this point it is advisable to use your highest damage dealing capabilities on it. Upon death it will explode doing damage in its immediate radius.

  • It's vulnerable to both Armor-piercing Rounds and Bluescreen Rounds, but the former is more effective, as the extra damage of Bluescreen Rounds is negated by its armor.
  • A Mind Controlled (Domination) Gatekeeper can act as a tank. It has good defensive stats and can regain health by using the Consume ability.

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