Starting Weapons Cannon, Grenade Launcher

Grenadier is a Class or Specialization in XCOM 2. You can train a Soldier to be a Grenadier in the Guerrilla Tactics School in 10 Days. Grenadiers focus on demolitions and heavy weapons. It you need a large explosion or a vehicle destroyed, this is your go to Class.

"Serving as our demolitions experts. the Grenadiers provide heavy ordinance delivery whenever and wherever we need it."

Grenadier Information

Grenadiers are your front line troops that help put pressure on the enemy and wreak havoc on their Cover so your other Soldiers can get quality shots on them. Depending on how you outfit them they can also take quite a beating, making them ideal to take enemy fire instead of other squishier troops such as your Specialists or Sharpshooters.

Suggested Strategies

Demolitions Expert

  • Upgrading your Grenades will increase the damage that this Class does by A LOT. Make that a priority and get Plasma Grenades as soon as you can if this Class is underperforming for you.


Heavy Gunner

  • Use Suppression when you don't have much chance of killing your enemy and you know that he will get a shot off on his turn. It will drastically reduce the Aim of enemy and give you a reaction shot if they move.


General Strategies

  • You will see more benefit from Blast Padding early on in the game than you will Shredder. If you are still learning the game, this is a must have ability.
  • Suppression is, in ,my opinion, a better overall ability than Demolition, so I suggest taking it no matter which line you choose. Your Grenades will destroy most Cover your enemies have anyway.
  • Remember that Grenades can blow the floor out from enemies on upper levels of buildings, dealing  fall damage to enemies, and creating great opportunities for the rest of your squad to hit them.
  • You either want to fire first or last with this Soldier Class. Fire first if you can destroy an important target's or several targets' cover making your other squadmates' lives easier; Or fire last if you can't do so, using Suppression to pin down a target or simply firing to kill them if you can.
  • For Personal Combat Sims, you'll want to take Conditioning or Agility. These will help keep you alive when you are taking fire (which you will).
  • For UpgradesExpanded Magazine and Auto Loader are very useful since this class has a low base number of ammunition points (rounds) per magazine, and it has many abilities which consume multipile ammunition points per use. So generally try to get one of those in at least one slot.

Grenadier Abilities


Launch Grenade
The Grenadier uses a grenade launcher to fire grenades rather than throwing them. This allows for greater grenade range and grenade capacity.

Demolitions Expert

Blast Padding
Rank: Corporal
Your gear includes layers of extra padding and blast plates, granting a bonus point of Armor and less damage from explosive attacks.

Rank: Sergeant
Unleash a volley of bullets at your target's cover, significantly damaging or destroying it. Deals no damage to your target.

Heavy Ordinance
Rank: Lieutenant
The grenade in your grenade-only slot gains a bonus use.

Volatile Mix
Rank: Captain
Grenades gain +1 tile to their radius and deal +2 damage. Does not increase environment damage.

Rank: Major
Using the grenade launcher or a heavy weapon as your first action does not end the turn

Saturation Fire
Rank: Colonel
Fire a hail of bullets in a cone damaging every enemy and all cover within. Uses 3 ammo, 5 turn cool down.

Heavy Gunner

Rank: Corporal
Your cannon attacks shred armor.

Rank: Sergeant
Fire a barrage that pins down your target, granting reaction fire against it if it moves, and imposing a -50 penalty to the target's aim.

Holo Targeting
Rank: Lietenant
Any directed cannon shot, hit or miss, will mark the target, increasing your squad's aim by +15 against this target.

Chain Shot
Rank: Captaiin
Fires a shot with a penalty of 15 to aim. If it hits, immediately fire another shot at the target.

Hail of Bullets
Rank: Major
Fire a shot that is guaranteed to hit. Uses 3 ammo. 5 turn cool down.

Rank: Colonel
Fires a shot that deals critical damage. The target, if hit, will also take 3 additional damage from all sources. Uses 3 ammo. 3-turn cooldown.

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