Health determines the amount of damage the Soldier can take before dying in XCOM 2. The higher the number the more damage he/she can take. Health can be modified by Weapons and Armor. Note: Specialists have Soldier Abilities they can use that replenish Health.

Health Information


Default Health Values by Soldier Class


Playing at Rookie difficulty (at Legend difficulty soldiers have 2 health points less):

Class Rank Health
Rookie - 6

Ranger, Grenadier, Specialist

Squaddie           7
Corporal           8
Sergeant           9
Lieutenant          10
Captain          10
Major          11
Colonel          12
Sharpshooter Squaddie 7
Corporal 7
Sergeant 8
Lieutenant 8
Captain 9
Major 9
Colonel  10


Weapon Upgrades that Improve Health

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Armor Upgrades that Improve Health

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Status Effects that Improve/Reduce Health

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