Mimic Beacon

Type Throwable
Project Faceless Autopsy
Production Cost 2 Faceless Corpse, 50 Supplies
Production Time Instant

Mimic Beacon is a Utility Item in XCOM 2.

Mimic Beacon Information

The mimic beacon generates a holographic decoy to draw enemy attacks for one turn. It is deployed like a grenade, thrown to the site where the decoy will appear.

Tactical Info

The Mimic Beacon is immune to almost every negative condition an enemy can inflict, but this fact will not prevent enemies from using these abilities against it. The Mimic beacon should typically be deployed in a cover position for multiple reasons - first to save it from being quickly eliminated by gun-using enemies, second to encourage enemies such as Vipers to use their utility skills - which will do nothing.

The "draw enemy attacks" function of the Mimic Beacon cannot be understated - enemies do not treat the Mimic Beacon as a standard soldier, they treat it like their entire campaign success hinges on the immediate defeat of this most offensive hologram. Even if your existing soldiers are flanked and vulnerable, the enemy AI will divert huge amounts of resources into killing the hologram, if it is visible. This often results in several huge tactical blunders on the enemies part, leaving soldiers exposed to flanks, assigning no overwatch, and wasting abilities.

Tactical Strategies

When encountering a number of melee-based enemies, place a Mimic Beacon behind a Ranger with Bladestorm. Enemies will rush past the Ranger, all triggering free melee attacks. Survivors will then uselessly attack the hologram. This security leaves the rest of your squad to focus fire on ranged enemies.

Use the hologram to draw fire and attention when attempting to ambush an objective under multiple alien pods.

Since aliens will ignore most other soldiers to focus the beacon, using it after risky, exposing plays (Such as ranger melee rushes, or exposing a soldier to get a flank) can negate the risk created by these actions, since enemy troops prefer to focus a hologram in full cover, than an exposed soldier.

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