Personal Combat Sims in XCOM 2 are specially designed training modules which improve the stats of your soldiers. The upgrades are permanent and once used, they are no longer available to the soldier. You may override a prior upgrade with a new sim, but you will lose the benefit of the earlier sim in favor of the new training's bonus. This is a list of the available sims, they can be acquired as loot from successful Missions.

Personal Combat Sims

There are 3 per type: Normal, Advanced and Superior

Icon Sim Effect
  Focus +11 Will
Advanced Focus +17 Will
Superior Focus +25 Will
  Speed +1 Mobility
Advanced Speed +2 Mobility
Superior Speed +3 Mobility
  Perception +5 Aim
Advanced Perception +10 Aim
Superior Perception +15 Aim
  Agility +13 Dodge
Advanced Agility +17 Dodge
Superior Agility +22 Dodge
  Conditioning +1 Health
Advanced Conditioning +2 Health
Superior Conditioning +3 Health

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