Power Relay is a Facility in XCOM 2. Every facility aboard the Avenger requires power to remain operational. Building relays will increase the total power output of the Avenger, allowing for further expansion and upgrades. 

Power Relay Information

  • Staffing Bonus: Staffing one of your Engineers here will give +5 Power. After completing the upgrade to Power Conduit, you may staff 2 Engineers here for an additional +5 Power.
  • Staffing Engineers here early on in the game will be vital to ensuring you have the adequate amount of power needed to construct future facilities.
  • Constructing a Power Relay in an empty room with an exposed power coil will improve the power output of the relay by 7. Exposed power relays appear at random and are usually located on the bottom of the Avenger.
  • A bug in the game when upgrading a Power Relay built over an exposed power coil causes it to show that the upgrade will add 7 more power than it actually does.

Power Relay Construction

Build Requirements Build Time Monthly Upkeep Cost
80 Supplies, 3 Power 12 Days 10

Power Relay Upgrades

Upgrade Build Requirments Monthly Upkeep Cost Description
Power Conduit 80 Supplies 10 Provides +2 Power, and an additional work station to the Power Relay, allowing an additional Engineer to be staffed here.

Elerium Conduit

150 Supplies, 20
Elerium Crystals
20 Greatly Increases the Power Relay's output (+6)

    • Anonymous

      power relay21 Apr 2016 21:21  

      i have built a power relay which delivers no energy . the game says i have more than enough similar to the bug descrition here but i need to spent only 5 energy more for my next Building upgrade so what is wrong ???

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