Psi Lab is a facility in XCOM 2. The Psi Lab will allow rookie soldiers to train as Psi Operatives, substituting standard soldier training for the intense mental ordeal that will unlock their latent Psionic talents. 

Psi Lab Information

  • Soldiers must be rookies to be trained as a Psi Operative, during their period of training they are unavailable to go out on Missions.
  • Staffing an Engineer in this facility improves the training speed by % making it a very useful allocation of resources.

Psi Lab Construction

Prerequisite Build Requirements Build Time Monthly Upkeep Cost
Psionics 225 Supplies, 20 Elerium Crystals, 5 Power 11 Days 55

Psi Lab Upgrade


Upgrade Build Requirments Monthly Upkeep Cost Description
Second Cell 225 Supplies, 15 Elerium Crystals, 5 Power 55 Add another cell to the Psi Lab, allowing an additional Psi Operative to be trained here.

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