Radio Relay in XCOM 2 is a structure you can build within Locations after they have been contacted.

Radio Relay Information

Placing a Radio Relay in a location increases their regular resource collection and reduces the cost of making contact with neighboring regions. You gain the ability to construct Radio Relays by completing the Resistance Radio Research Project.

    • Anonymous

      18 May 2017 17:10  

      God this game is getting frustrating. First, it makes no attempt to explain how relays work , second, the tutorial contains most of the story, so if you start on ironman mode be prepared to have no idea what is going on.

      Why didn't the stupid game tell me that after building a relay I inexplicably need to sit on it for 3-4 days to build it? SO I go off doing missions expecting my relay to build like a satellite from the first game. Instead it sat there doing #$%@ all, so now I might as well restart the game. Because guess what other awful design choice they put in? An overall time limit called AVATAR that is also barely explained, starts around 1/3 done and means you fail the game without any kind of decisive defeat. Just like X-com 1's retarded fear meter, it basically means you can win every mission and still lose. One or two defeats even on normal difficulty? Heck you might as well restart. Forget any kind of back-and-forth war with the aliens. Anything other than total 100% crushing victory in every engagement will lead to overall failure every time. Who designs this stuff?

      • Anonymous

        radio relay how to build?28 Mar 2016 04:40  

        I have done the Resistance Radio Research Project and have gone to engineering but no option to build radio relays. This game is becoming pretty frustrating with the figure it out yourself stuff

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