Resistance HQ is the headquarters for the resistance in XCOM 2. You may dock the Avenger there to obtain bonuses and Resources such as Intel.

Resistance HQ Information

You may dock the Avenger daily at Resistance HQ to take advantage of the bonuses and resources it provides. Scanning at Resistance HQ is similar to a rest, and is a good daily practice to develop if there is nothing pressing to do. 

Resistance Goods

These are the scanning bonuses that Resistance HQ can provide:

Scanning Bonus Medical Assistance

Cost: 25 Supplies
Est Time: Instant
Effect: While the Avenger is located here, Resistance HQ provides extra medical staff and resources to help our soldiers recover from their injuries faster.

Scanning Bonus Rapid Construction

Cost: 25 Supplies
Est Time: Instant
Effect: Resistance volunteers assist with facility excavation projects while the Avenger is scanning at this location, decreasing the required construction time.

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