Secondary Weapons in XCOM 2 are Weapons your soldiers use during Missions. Unlike in XCOM, these are more like utility items: you do not switch to them but rather use them to deal effects via skills or other items. Still, they are used in the corresponding attack animations.

Secondary Weapons

Icon Weapon Classes Tactical Info Required Project
Pistol 2-4 damage None Required
  Mag Pistol 3-4 damage Magnetic Weapons
  Beam Pistol 6-8 damage  Plasma Rifle
Sword 3-5 damage, 10% crit chance None Required
  Arc Blade 4-6 damage, 15% crit chance, 25% chance to stun ADVENT Stun Lancer Autopsy
  Fusion Blade    
  Gremlin    None Required
  GREMLIN Mark II +20 hack bonus  
  GREMLIN Mark III    
  Grenade Launcher    None Required
  Advanced Grenade Launcher +5 grenade range, +2 grenade radius  Muton Autopsy
  Psi Amp    None Required
  Advanced Psi Amp   Psionics
  Alien Psi Amp    Gatekeeper Autopsy

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