Aim 75
Crit 10
Defense ??
Health 8
Mobility 12
Will 100
Psi 90

Sectoid is an Enemy in XCOM 2. 

Sectoid Information

While the Sectoid was featured heavily in XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within, this aggressive alien has received a sizeable upgrade in XCOM 2, all thanks to human DNA. That's right, this new Sectoid gets its imposing height and elongated bipedal features from a healthy dose of human genes.


  • Plasma: 3-4 Damage
  • Can inflict: Panic, Disorientation, and Mind Control 
  • Reanimate: Turn corpses into zombies

Tactical Strategies

  • Melee is very effective against Sectoids, so make sure to get a Ranger up close and personal. Traditional organic preying weapons like the Incendiary Grenade are also highly effective.
  • If killed, any zombie under its control dies, and the mind-controlled soldier will be set free.
  • Flashbangs will cancel any active psi abilities, and prevent their use for the duration of the disorientation effect.

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