Serpent Suit

Project Viper King Autopsy
Production Cost
Production Time ?? Days

Serpent Suit is an Armor in XCOM 2. It is exclusive to the Alien Hunters DLC.


Serpent Suit Information


I'm not entirely sure how much of this armor is new material, and how much of it Tygan cut right out of the Viper itself. We haven't exactly tested it either, so good luck out there.


Tactical Info

  1. +5 Health
  2. +1 Mobility
  3. +35 Dodge
  4. Grapple, Frostbite


Tactical Strategies

  • Mounts a grappling hook and cable on the left arm.
  • Frosbite allows a soldier to grapple a target, freezing them in place.
  • Has a chance to inflict panic on any Viper discovered by wearer
  • Can be upgraded to the Serpent Armor



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