Class Sharpshooter
Project N/A
Weapon Upgrade Slots ??
Damage ??
Crit ??
Aim ??
Clip Size ??

Shadowkeeper is a Weapon in XCOM 2. It is excluisve to the Alien Hunters DLC. It is a very accurate pistol that is equipped in your secondary slot.

Shadowkeeper Information


Although it may appear old-fashioned compared to our latest designs, this pistol is remarkably accurate, ensuring that even the most inexperienced of our soldiers will strike their intended targets. There's also a chance they could kill the target and escape undetected. This weapon is unique, and cannot be duplicated or replaced.


Tactical Info

  • The Shadowkeeper deals similar damage to the pistol with better aim and crit chance.
  • Grants the ability Shadowfall to the soldier. The shot will not miss and if it results in a kill the soldier will be concealed.



Tactical Strategies

  • Useful weapon that is an upgrade to the pistol. Can be useful for lethal soldiers who move in the shadows.




  • ??
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