During combat, enemies and XCOM soldiers can inflict various status effects to each other, which may put the unit in advantage or disadvantage.

Status Effects

Negative Status Effects

Stunned 1: The unit has one less action point to spend on the next turn.

Stunned 2: The unit is stunned and is unable to make any moves and actions temporary.

Disoriented: The unit's Aim is lowered and cannot use abilities, such as melee attacks.

Mind Controlled: The enemy controls this unit. If the controller dies, the unit will be restored.

Panic: The unit does a random action and is unable to make any move for the next turn.

Suppressed: The unit's Aim is lowered and if moved, will trigger a reaction fire.

Bleeding Out: The unit has a limitted time to be stabilized. Otherwise, leads to death.

Burning: The unit is temporary set ablazed, unable to attack, or use abilities. The unit also recieves randomized damage between 1-3 each turn. Can be removed by a Medkit.

Poisoned: The unit is temporary poisoned. Poison lowers Mobility and deals randomized damage between 1-3. Medkit grants immunity to this status effect.

Chryssalid Poisoned: Caused by Chyrissalids. This poison status is permanent, unless healed by a Medkit. After death, the unit becomes a cocoon which gives life to up to three Chryssalids if not destroyed. Medkit doesn't grant immunity to this status effect.

Spotted: This unit is not concealed anymore.

Concealed: This unit is not noticed by the enemy. Enemies attacked by a concealed unit cannot dodge.

Executed: The unit is killed instantly, no matter the health. Caused by Repeater upgrade.


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