Workshop is a facility in XCOM 2. The Workshop allows you to increase the number of Gremlin helpers you have and can greatly improve the efficiency of the Facilities in the Avenger.

Workshop Information

  • Staffing Bonus: Staffing an Engineer in this facility allows you to have 2 Gremlin robots in the Workshop. Staffing a second Engineer gives you 4 Gremlins. Gremlins act like Engineers for any facility the Workshop is adjacent to (not diagonally), multiplying its effectiveness. 
  • Because of the bonus that having Gremlins in the Workshop gives to the surrounding facilities, placing the Workshop in the middle of the Avenger is an optimal location to maximize the effectiveness of the Gremlins, as well as placing facilities around the Workshop that will benefit from the being staffed by an Engineer/Gremlin. It is useful to begin your early building with the placement of the Workshops in mind.
  • Every facility with the exception of Laboratory, Guerrilla Tactics School and Shadow Chamber can benefit from staffing an Engineer.

Workshop Construction

Build Requirements Build Time Monthly Upkeep Cost
125 Supplies, 1 Power 20 Days 35

Workshop Upgrade


Upgrade Build Requirments Monthly Upkeep Cost Description
Additional Workbench 100 Supplies, 2 Power 40 Add another workbench to the Workshop, allowing an additional Engineer to be staffed here.

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