Wraith Suit


Powered Armor

Production Cost

Production Time

5 Days

Wraith Suit is an Armor in XCOM 2.

Wraith Suit Information

In-game description

Tactical Info

  • +6 Health
  • +2 Mobility
  • +25 Dodge
  • Grapple
  • Wraith: phase through walls and objects as a free action 2x per match for a 2 turn duration.

Tactical Strategies

You can build this Armor from the Proving Ground for the cost listed above. The Wraith Suit is ideal for Soldiers that flank and scout, making the Ranger class the optimal choice for this Armor. Because the Rangers get bonuses to Conceal, and damage while in Concealed (as well as Flanking), this suit allows them to sneak behind an enemy's flank much faster. They don't have to go around buildings, but instead can pass directly through them, or using Grapple, can ascend them as well.


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