Combat in XCOM 2 is extremely strategic and can be very challenging. Details about how the Combat works and strategies can be found here. Players and enemies carry out Missions in turn-based fashion during which all units make a move and action. Combat perspective is 3D isometric.

Combat Information

Anatomy of a Turn

  • Take an action: reload, attack, overwatch
  • Move (within the area marked by blue, anything beyond that consumes the action). The shield icon that displays at the end of your move line will indicate the relative safety of the position. Taking cover behind objects provide different degrees of protection from enemy fire.


  • Ambush: before breaking concealment with an offensive action, consider putting squadmates into Overwatch in order to set up a deadly ambush.
  • Concealed: the point at which the enemies have not taken notice of your squad. Entering their line of sight by stepping on a concealment tile, breaking windows, kicking open doors, being flanked or attacking will end the concealment.
  • Dash: moving beyond your standard move to go a further distance, consumes action
  • Flanked: gain bonus when attacking enemies that are flanked
  • Overwatch: places your soldiers into a defensive position where they keep watch of enemy movement and fire upon anything that moves into their line of sight.
  • Reaction
  • Hack: successfully hacking enemy devices to disarm have various success rates depending on a variety of factors. Successful hacking a device earns you a chance at a special reward. The % chance of success is shown in the in game hacking display. Some possible rewards for successful hacks are as follows:
    • Watch List: Reduces the Contact Cost for a nearby region by 50%
    • Insight: Research Time on the current Tech reduced by 50%.


  • Certain objects in the environment can take damage and are destructible. Take caution if you're positioned next to something like a burning car as it can explode and cause harm to your soldiers. This can also be a tactical option as some walls and cover can be destroyed, exposing enemy positions.



  • A full blue shield indicates a full cover, a cover with full defense bonus, and a half-full shield indicates a half cover, a cover that grants half the defense bonus. A red shield indicates a cover flanked by the enemy.

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