Dark Events
in XCOM 2 are Alien plots to either improve their equipment or attack the Avenger.


Guerrilla Ops are missions that will launch to counter Dark Events. When a Dark Event occurs, the resistance will begin preparing a Guerrilla Ops counter which you will be alerted to you when available. The effects of a Dark Event can have severe effects on the strength of your campaign so pay attention to your resources especially if you must raise enough resources to make contact with the affected region. Successully completing the prepared Guerrilla Ops will prevent the negative effect of the Dark Event from occuring.
The following are a list of Dark Events and their effects on the world if completed:


Dark Events


Dark Event Result
Advent Alloy Padding Gives ADVENT units extra Armor.
ADVENT Midnight Raids ADVENT cracks down on resistance recruitment, increasing the cost of recruits by 100% for a month.
Hunt XCOM A UFO hunts the Avenger
Resistance Informant The Aliens find a mole within the Resistance, reducing the Retaliation counter by 2 weeks.
Rapid Response Guarantees ADVENT reinforcemnts on all Guerrilla Ops.
Alien Infiltrator Hidden Faceless enemies in all Missions for a month.
ADVENT Rural Checkpoints ADVENT stifles the movement of Resistance resources, decreasing the Supplies of the next supply drop by 50%.
Alien Cypher Increases all Intel costs by 100% for a month.
Avatar Project Minor Breakthrough Adds 1 block to the Avatar Project progress meter.
Avatar Project: Major Breakthrough Adds 2 blocks to the Avatar Project progress meter.
Viper Rounds ADVENT incorporates Viper poison into their weaponry, giving some poisonous rounds for a month.
Infestation  Aliens place extra Chryssalids on each mission for a month.
New Construction Aliens step up construction efforts, reducing Alien Facility counter by 2 weeks.
Vigilance Aliens go on high alert, making it harder for XCOM to catch them unaware.
 Show of Force  ADVENT aims to crush XCOM through numbers, adding more enemies to each mission. 


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