Engineers in XCOM 2 are what the player uses to complete Engineering Projects and improve the functioning of their Facilities. These Projects improve Weapons, Armor and Tech.

Engineers Information

Engineers can apply unique bonuses by staffing them in the Proving Ground as well as other Avenger facilities like the Psi Lab. Engineers are gained as recruits from completing Missions. Every facility with the exception of Laboratory, Guerrilla Tactics School and Shadow Chamber can benefit from staffing an Engineer.


A Gremlin is a robot that you may staff in a Workshop that behaves like an engineer except that it affects all facilities adjacent to the Workshop. As such a single Gremlin optimize your Avenger by placing Workshops in the middle of the Avenger and surrounding the Workshop with facilities that benefit from staffing an Engineer/Gremlin. Staffing an engineer in the Workshop will gain you access to 2 Gremlins.

Engineers Unique Bonuses


Staffing Bonus

Psi Lab Improve Training Speed 100%
Proving Ground Improve Project Speed 100%
Workshop Gives access to an additional Gremlin.
Advanced Warfare Center Improve Healing Rate by 100%
Resistance Comms Staffiing an Engineer here increases your Contacts by 2.
Defense Matrix Staffing an Engineer in this facility improves the stats of the defense turrets installed. 
Power Relay Staffing one of your Engineers here will give +5 Power. After completing the upgrade to Power Conduit, you may staff 2 Engineers here for an additional +5 Power.

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