Missions in XCOM 2 are the Combat Scenarios that progress the main plot of the game. Completing missions advances the story of the game, and also earns Items which can be applied to Research Projects and Engineering Projects as well as other rewards such as Personal Combat Sims. Failing or completing the different missions presented in the game will move the Avatar Project gauge which is the alien's "win condition" closer or further from completion.

Before each mission, you customize the party loadout as well as the Soldier individual equipment loadouts to prepare best for the mission's objectives. A full party is 4 soldiers initially which can be upgraded to 6 via New Combat Tactics within the Guerrilla Tactics School.

Upon successfully completing a mission, you are presented with a mission summary screen that displays your turns taken, enemies killed, soldiers wounded and killed and an overall rating based on how you performed. You will then be presented with the Items looted from the mission. Failing to complete all the objectives within the parameters of the mission (such as turn limit, or rescuing x amount of civilians) or suffering a death of every soldier unit will result in a mission failure.

Both the Alien Hunters and Shen's Last Gift DLC packs contain a story mission. To access these missions, you must start a new game. Any in-progress games that access the DLC can access the new content like Weapons and Armor but will not be able to play the missions.


Missions Information

Main Missions

The first 2 missions in the game are part of the story and are not optional, meaning you have no choice but to complete to advance the progression.

ADVENT Blacksite

Missions that appear in the Blacksite region of the world have different parameters affecting their rewards. These are high priority Missions which require making contact with the region. Use a Resistance Comms to make  Contacts.


Side Missions

Side Missions comprise most of the missions that you will take in the game. Side Missions are randomly generated by name, map, location, etc. so no 2 missions will ever be the same but the general objectives will be the same from type to type. The following are the different types of Side Missions.


These missions are triggered whenever the aliens attack an outpost. Your objectives will be to eliminate the threats and rescue any civilians. Completing these missions can often result in a reward of  Supplies. Retaliations are scheduled and the counter that tracks the time until the next Retaliation strike can be seen in the window for Dark Events

Supply Raid

These are random, expiring missions that involve wiping out enemies and securing gear. These appear at random and must be completed immediately or they disappear for good.

Alien Facility

These missions are turn limited and involve infiltrating and sabotaging an enemy facility. 

Guerrilla Ops

These random missions are counters to Dark Events and are designed to disrupt ADVENT activities. They are the most numerous of the Side Missions that are available. Some possible rewards are  ScientistsEngineersSupplies, Intel or a new  Soldier.

Resistance Rumors

These are occurences you can investigate for rewards. Investigating them takes several days.

Resistance Council

These are VIP Extraction Missions which appear at random and are turn limited. You can earn Intel as rewards.

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      If there is a mission that has an objective not related to clearing the map of enemies (hack device, destroy relay etc) that is completed and squad is evacuated before all enemies are removed, will this count as a mission success?

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