Avenger is the name of the ship that is your mobile base in XCOM 2. The converted alien supply craft is your command center and the last hope for reclaiming the planet from the alien conquest. It will function in gameplay similar to the bunker in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, allowing for a cross section view of the facility. Also at your disposal is the Skyranger airship which flies between the Avenger and Locations of Missions.

The Avenger is broken down into 4 main areas:

Avenger Information



Facilities  in XCOM 2 are the tactical sections you can construct in the rooms of the Avenger. Facilities are crucial to the success of your campaign against the aliens as they provide all of the necessary progression functions for your soldiers and your equipment. The various facilities provide services such as research and development, improvement of your soldier and squad capabilities, healing, power production, contact with other regions and more. It is important to obtain a thorough understanding of the function and placement considerations of each facility.


Facilities Information

These are the known facilities available within the Avenger. Opening up rooms for use will require assigning Engineers to clear out old alien machinery and debris which takes time but nets Items you can use for your projects. Constructing new facilities requires resources such as Supplies and Power as well as a monthly upkeep cost after completion. Placement of your facilities becomes a very strategic choice for ease of navigation and sense.

The facilities available to build from the start of the game are: Guerrilla Tactics SchoolWorkshop, Laboratory and Power Relay. The rest become unlocked as the game progresses and you perform various Research Projects. The prerequisite for each facility not avaialable from the start are listed on their respective pages.

Viewing the Build Facilities screen will give you an overview of each constructed facility, who is staffed there as well as give you an option to remove a facility. Removing a facility is instant and frees up a room to construct a new facility. 



Other supportive facilities are listed below:


Placing Your Facilities

How you organize your facilities is crucial to an efficient Avenger, and can be the difference between success in failure. Properly planning the timing and location is much preferable to just constructing facilities at random. Early in the game you are limited to the rooms available but making use of the remove facility option as the game progresses will allow you to reorder your facilities in a way that makes the most sense. What follows are some placement considerations:

  • Place Workshops in central locations where you can maximize the effectiveness of the Gremlins staffed there. Additionally, plan the facilities around Workshops that can make use of the Engineer staffing ability of the Gremlin.
  • Power Relay may be placed on exposed power coils located near the bottom of the Avenger for increased power output.
  • Some essential facilities to build early on: Guerrilla Tactics School, Proving GroundWorkshop, Power Relay and Resistance Comms. These facilities are crucial to getting your resources and soldiers stocked and trained as fast as possible.

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