Resistance Comms is a Facility in XCOM 2. The Resistance Comms facility increases the number of regions that we can make contact with. Further contacts can be gained by staffing an engineer here once construction is completed. 

Resistance Comms Information

  • Resistance Comms increases your Contacts by 1 regardless of assigned Engineers.
  • Staffing Bonus: Staffing an Engineer here increases your Contacts by 2.
  • Making contact with a region costs Intel
  • This is an important facility to construct early on as it improves the strength of your resistance contact network, gaining you accesses to the Supplies that they provide. Without the contacts it provides, you will be unable to make as many attacks on alien facilities which will eventually lead to an alien win condition known as Avatar Project.

Resistance Comms Construction

Prerequisite Build Requirements Build Time Monthly Upkeep Cost
Resistance Communications 110 Supplies, 3 Power 16 Days 25


Resistance Comms Upgrade


Upgrade Build Requirments Monthly Upkeep Cost Description
Additional Comm Station 125 Supplies, 4 Power 40 Adds an additional control station for an engineer that gives 4 additional contacts.


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