Tactics in XCOM 2 will vary from Mission to Mission and from squad to squad. This page is dedicated to various tactics that work well in "most" situations.


  • Be on the look out to flank your enemies, and watch your flanks.
    If an enemy is hiding behind a high cover and you can't kill it due to the defense bonus, try landing a grenade to destroy the cover and let others shoot the flanked enemy to death.
  • If you've missed a 98% shot, don't blame it on your luck; come up with a backup plan.
    If you're starting an ambush, DO NOT put all of your squad to Overwatch; not everyone is going to successfully land the shot, and on the enemy's turn (if any survived,) you'll end up defenseless. A soldier (preferably a Grenadier) equipped with a Flashbang Grenade can save your troops' lives.
  • Try to set squadmates to Overwatch before exploring new areas.
  • Try to build a Flashbang Grenade as soon as possible. It can save your troops' lives, especially if your Ranger is being Mind-Controlled by a Sectoid.
  • If your soldier is caught up in a flanked position, use Specialist's Aid Protocol and Smoke Grenade to raise his/her defenses.
  • There's an enemy unit with 2 health remaining and your Specialist has a low chance to hit it? Let's hope that soldier has the Combat Protocol. It can also be used to unbound your soldier from the grasps of a Viper.
  • After building the Shadow Chamber, you can see how many enemy units, and which types you'll encounter on the mission. Don't equip your soldiers with Dragon Rounds if you're up against robotic enemies. Same goes for organic enemies; they are immune to the effects of EMP Grenade and Bluescreen Rounds.
  • Two Frags destroy a vehicle (immediately), which if aimed properly, can kill a full health Muton using it as a cover.
  • An ideal squad is consisted of a Grenadier, a Sharpshooter, two Rangers, and two Specialists: a hacker and a medic.
  • Don't waste time trying to shoot turrets on roofs.  A single frag grenade can take them out since it destroys the structure below them.

In general, it is recommended not to take offensive actions in the following situations:

  1. The last soldier's raw damage output is lower than the enemy's health+armor.
  2. There are 3+ enemies close to your squad's heart, while the Grenadier can take an action and has a Flashbang, or Smoke Grenade in the inventory. RA: Throw a Flashbang where most enemies become disoriented.
  3. If your squad is outnumbered and a squadmate has a Mimic Beacon. RA: Throw the MB as far from the squad as you can.
  4. If a low-health soldier is flanked by an enemy, and a Grenadier or Specialist doesn't have 100% chance to kill, while being the last to move. RA: Use a Flashbang, Suppression, or Aid Protocol.

    • Anonymous

      15 Jan 2018 06:56  

      My ideal team is 2 snipers, 2 grenadiers, a ranger, and a medic. Explosions take away their cover, armor, and turrets. Snipers take out huge chunks of health. Ranger to finish, and a medic if it gets messy.

      • Anonymous

        backup plan11 Apr 2016 19:43  

        When you miss 98% shoot that means that it's something very not probable, almost certain that you will hit the target. You plan differently when you are "sure" that you will hit. Its miss leading, on 100 shots you can just couple of them, if you shoot in whole game like 10x with 98% shoot i could agree to lose 1 shot. Also game is so fast and if you have like 5 enemies with like 2-3x more life than you than losing is highly probable if you will miss 98% shoots :/

        • "...not everyone is going to successfully land the shot."19 Mar 2016 07:31  

          Personal experience: all of my troops missed their shot (86%, 86%, 76%, 68%) in an ambush. Two of my squad died on the following enemy's turn.

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