Aim 80
Crit 10
Defense 10
Health 9
Armor 2
Mobility 14
Will 50

Muton is an Enemy in XCOM 2. 

Muton Information

Now that the aliens have access to our DNA, they're using it to manipulate their own genomes. We've already seen it at work with the improved Sectoid, and now we've discovered the Muton has also received a dose of human genes.

The benefit of human genetics means the Muton now pairs its established brute force with the cunning intellect of the human mind. This makes the Muton more deadly than ever.

Our field recon has informed us of several skills available to the new and improved Muton. They are able to use Suppression against targets to reduce their Aim, while also providing a free reaction shot should that suppressed target decide to move. Additionally, Mutons still possess the Alien Grenade, allowing them to deal damage to groups of soldiers. So, be mindful of your soldiers' spacing in the field!

But the Muton is still a brute in close combat. Their weapons are equipped with bayonets, and the Mutons won't hesitate to close in on your soldiers to use them. And the Muton has the ability to Counterattack as well. Every Muton has a chance to ignore melee damage and instantly respond with a melee strike of their own. Rangers should keep this in mind when going in for the kill. Don't underestimate the Muton, Commander. It will be the last mistake you ever make.



  • Beam Rifle: 4-6 Damage, 1 Shred
  • Plasma Grenade: 4-5 Damage, 1 Shred
  • Bayonet: 6-8 Damage
  • Suppression: suppresses targets with continuous rifle fire
  • Counterattack: chance to ignore melee damage and retaliate with a melee attack of their own
  • Execute: can eliminate a nearby stunned enemy

Tactical Strategies

  • Avoid clustering your units together when encountering these on the battlefield as they can use grenades. Plasma Grenades, which do massive damage and has larger AoE than their Frag counterpart.
  • A.P. Rounds are very effective here in getting through their suits.
  • They prefer high covers over low ones, even if it comes with a risk.

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