New Combat Tactics in XCOM 2 is an option inside Guerrilla Tactics School where you can select upgrades to enhance your squad's effectiveness in battle. This is a list of upgrades you can select.

New Combat Tactics

Tactic Est. Time Cost Rank Required Info
Vulture Instant 100 Supplies N/A Enemies drop an additional item with every timed loot drop.
Squad Size I Instant 50 Supplies Squad size increased by 1.
Lightning Strike       Units gain +3 mobility for the first 2 turns of battle while the squad remains concealed.
Wet Work       +25% experience gained from kills.
Vengeance Instant 100 Supplies
If a squadmate dies or is critically wounded, gain random tactical bonuses for two turns.
Integrated Warfare       PCS bonuses are significantly improved.
Squad Size II Instant 75 Supplies Squad size increased by 1.
Stay With Me Instant 150 Supplies Soldiers will be more likely to bleed out than to die outright.
Grenadier Biggest Booms Instant 75 Supplies Grenadier Captain Explosives can inflict critical damage.
Ranger Hunter's Instinct Instant 75 Supplies Ranger Captain Attacks against flanked enemies deal +3 damage.
Sharpshooter Deadshot Instant 75 Supplies Sharpshooter Captain Bonus 10% chance to critically hit enemies.
Specialist Cool Under Pressure Instant 75 Supplies  Specialist Captain Gain +10 Aim and the ability to critically hit when taking overwatch and reaction shots.

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