Guerrilla Tactics School is a Facility in XCOM 2. This is where you can train your Soldiers and choose the Class you wish them to be.
You can also purchase bonuses such as double loot from enemies, increased stimulants for soldiers, and increased squad size.
this building is a must have early on.

Guerrilla Tactics School Information

  • You will want to construct this Facility early on as well as have it always training rookies.
  • It will take 10 Days to train a rookie to one of the 4 Soldier Classes of GrenadierRanger, Sharpshooter or Specialist and during that time they are unavailable to go out on Missions.
  • The Psi Operative class does not train here, instead making use of the Psi Lab to train rookies to that class.
  • Guerrilla Tactics School is where you will also find the New Combat Tactics options for upgrading your squad's effectiveness in battle.


Guerilla Tactics School Construction

Build Requirements Build Time Monthly Upkeep Cost
85 Supplies, 3 Power 14 Days 25


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