Research in XCOM 2 is one of the 4 sections of the Avenger, and where the player can invest time and resources to discover new technology and Utility Items, upgrade Weapons, Armor and aspects of the ship. Dr. Richard Tygan is the head of this section. Research Projects become available after recovering Items from successful Missions.

Research Information

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In this tab you are able to take a look at the Scientists you have recruited, what Research Projects they are working on, and if they are available to be used.

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Change Research

In this tab you can assign Research Projects to your Scientists.

Research Projects in XCOM 2 can be done by Scientists inside the Avenger. The Projects improve aspects of your ships, improve the quality of Weapons and Armor and generally make you more powerful. In addition to providing improved equipment and items, completed research projects can unlock brand new research projects for undertaking. As a result, many research projects have a requirement that must be met before they are available to be researched such as a specific completed project or the construction of one of the Facilities in the Avenger. Generally, completing Missions will earn you Items that can be used to fund the research project.  

The Alien Biotech project is the intial project available after completing the beginning mission and the numerous projects it unlocks form the initial diverse branching paths that most of the subsequent projects fall on. ADVENT Officer Autopsy is also a similar linchpin for advanced projects.

Resultant items created such as Utility ItemsArmor and Weapons must then be constructed in the Armory for a production cost before equipping on your soldiers.

Below is a table of Research Projects, their costs in Resources and Items and time to complete, along with their effects. Please note that costs change depending on the difficulty setting of the game. For Engineering Projects, see the Proving Ground page. See the Shadow Chamber for a list of the special projects undertaken in that Facility

Research Projects

Icon Name of Project Est. Time Cost Effect Requirement

Hybrid Materials

3 days 2 ADVENT Trooper Corpse Complete opening Mission: Operation Gatecrasher

Magnetic Weapons

14 days None. Modular Weapons

Modular Weapons

3 days None. Complete opening Mission: Operation Gatecrasher

Alien Biotech

1 days N/A Complete opening Mission: Operation Gatecrasher

Alien Data Cache Decryption

7 days 1 Alien Data Cache
  • Immediately receive some Intel (~71)
Loot an Alien Data Cache during a mission

ADVENT Trooper Autopsy

3 days 1 ADVENT Trooper Corpse ADVENT Officer Autopsy

ADVENT Officer Autopsy

?? days 1 ADVENT Officer Corpse Alien Biotech

ADVENT Datapad Decryption

?? days      

ADVENT Stun Lancer Autopsy

5 days 1 ADVENT Stun Lancer Corpse ADVENT Officer Autopsy

Faceless Autopsy

3 days 1 Faceless Corpse Alien Biotech

Sectoid Autopsy

3 days 1 Sectoid Corpse Alien Biotech

Viper Autopsy

5 days 1 Viper Corpse Alien Biotech

Archon Autopsy

?? 1 Archon Corpse Alien Biotech

Berserker Autopsy

?? 1 Berserker Corpse Alien Biotech

Gatekeeper Autopsy

?? 1 Gatekeeper Corpse Alien Biotech

Andromedon Autopsy

?? 1 Andromedon Corpse Alien Biotech

Chryssalid Autopsy

?? 1 Chryssalid Corpse Alien Biotech

Muton Autopsy

?? 1 Muton Corpse Alien Biotech

Resistance Communications

7 days None. Complete first Guerrilla Ops Mission

Resistance Radio

?? days ?? Resistance Communications

Plated Armor

28 days 15 Alien Alloys Hybrid Materials


17 days Elerium Crystals Sectoid Autopsy

Gauss Weapons

11 days N/A Magnetic Weapons

ADVENT Mec Breakdown

?? 1 ADVENT Mec Wreck ADVENT Officer Autopsy

ADVENT Shieldbearer Autopsy

?? 1 ADVENT Shieldbearer Corpse ADVENT Officer Autopsy

ADVENT Turret Breakdown

?? 1 ADVENT Turret Wreck ADVENT Officer Autopsy

Sectopod Breakdown

?? 1 Sectopod Wreck ADVENT Officer Autopsy

Elerium (Project)

?? 20 Elerium Crystals Gauss Weapons, Plated Armor

Powered Armor

?? 20 Alien Alloys, 5 Elerium Crystals Elerium (Project)

Plasma Rifle (Project)

?? 10 Alien Alloys, 10 Elerium Crystals Elerium (Project)

Beam Cannon (Project)

?? 5 Alien Alloys, 5 Elerium Crystals Plasma Rifle (Project)

Plasma Lance (Project)

?? 5 Alien Alloys, 5 Elerium Crystals Plasma Rifle (Project)

Storm Gun (Project)

?? 10 Alien Alloys Plasma Rifle (Project)

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