Overdrive Serum

Type Protection
Project Berserker Autopsy
Production Cost 1 Berserker Corpse
35 Supplies
Production Time Instant

Overdrive Serum is a Utility Item in XCOM 2.

Overdrive Serum Information

Overdrive Serum, derived from the adrenal glands of a berserker alien, boosts a soldier's nervous system, resulting in greater mobility and significant damage resistance for multiple turns. Overdrive Serum can only be used in combat once. It will be removed from the soldier's inventory permanently once activated. 

Tactical Info

On use for 2 turns: bonus mobility, mental immunity, less damage received. Does not cost action point to activate.

NOTE: Using this item will consume it PERMANENTLY.

Tactical Strategies

This item is has useful applications on soldiers you anticipate moving into heavily defended areas where they will become open to multiple alien attacks. Combining defensive boost with a mobility boost will assist soldier units in making a tactical push towards an objective, giving them the edge they may need.

Utility Items

    • Anonymous

      Need Clarification02 Jul 2016 01:13  

      I've been looking at this for a while and the negatives of the overdrive serum are unclear. When it says 'it is removed from the soldiers inventory permanently', what does it really mean? Does it mean that once it is used, the item is gone forever and you need to make another one? Does it mean that it is simply a one use per mission item, and you can use it again the next mission? Or even that once a soldier uses it, that soldier can never use the item again but others can?

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