Avatar Project in XCOM 2.

Avatar Project Information

  • The Avatar Project is the alien win condition which is represented by a red gauge in the geoscape.
  • When the aliens succeed in completing objectives and building facilities, the gauge fills up. Upon completely filling, a countdown timer begins. When the timer reaches zero, the aliens have won and the game is over.
  • The timer can be stopped by reducing the alien's progress. Assaulting a facility removes any progress it's created, and completing main story points also reduces the progress bar.
  • Stalling the Avatar timer will eventually trigger it to reset.

Intel  and destroying Alien Facilities are your best way to combat the Avatar Project (destroying Alien Facilities reduces the gauge by 1 or 2). Make sure that you always have some Intel handy in case you need to make contact with an area that contains an Alien Facility as well as to use some to unlock hidden Dark Events to make sure they aren't Avatar Project: Minor Breakthrough. Making contact with Locations involves constructing a Resistance Comms and flying to the region to make contact in exchange for Intel, thereby increasing your territory, future Income through Supplies and overall strength as well as being able to counter these Alien Facilities.
(since nobody edits this wiki anyway, here's a note: Avatar is basically a human body for an Elder.
The sturdiness of a human body (mind you, Elder's bodies are sorta degenerating or something) and the consciousness of the Elder make this an ultimate weapon, with pros of both Humans and Elders.)

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