Locations in XCOM 2 are the places where Missions and Dark Events take place. You can view the game's map via the Geoscape screen from inside the Avenger to see an overview of regions, markers and missions. It is not possible to go to every Location in a single playthrough, as often the player will have to choose one or another. Making contact with new locations costs Intel and takes time, you may upgrade locations by installing a Radio Relay which increases their regular resource collection and reduces the cost of making contact with neighboring regions.

The Advent Blacksite is a region of the world that has not yet been contacted. Missions undertaken in Blacksites feature changed parameters such as types of rewards. Construct a Resistance Comms and fly to the region to make contact in exchange for Intel, thereby increasing your territory, future Income through Supplies and overall strength.

The following is a list of the locations and markers that can appear on your Geoscape in XCOM 2:

Locations Information


These are the areas of the world you can make contact with to increase your income network and strengthen your cause.

Secondary Locations and Markers

These are markers on your Geoscape map which provide different activities to engage in.

  • Black Market: A monthly refreshing Resistance Market place where you can exchange Intel for items and bonuses.
  • Supply Drop: Navigate here to receive your monthly goods of bonuses, staff and Resources
  • Resistance HQ: Resting the Avenger at one of these markers confers a random bonus in exchange for Supplies. Scanning here will also earn Intel.


These are the possible tile sets the game can pull from when randomly generating a new Mission.

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