Spider Suit

Project Plated Armor
Production Cost
Production Time 4 Days

Spider Suit is an Armor in XCOM 2.

Spider Suit Information

In-game description

Tactical Info

  1. +4 Health
  2. +1 Mobility
  3. +20 Dodge
  4. Grapple

Tactical Strategies

The Spider Suit is ideal for Sharpshooters as it allows them to quickly ascend buildings and higher vantage points (using Grapple), which increases their Aim and provides other benefits as they rank up. Since using Grapple does NOT use up an action, it is possible for the character to ascend a building, spot an enemy and get a shot off with a Sniper Rilfe all in the same turn. Having +20 Dodge will also help ensure they don't get hit quite as often. This Suit is NOT recommended for front lines troops as the +20 Dodge isn't enough to prevent them from getting hit in situations where they take fire frequently. For front lines troops a heavier armor such as the E.X.O Suit or the W.A.R. Suit are recommended.


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