Advent Trooper

Aim 65
Crit ??
Defense ??
Health 4
Mobility 12
Will 50
Tech 125

Advent Trooper is an Enemy in XCOM 2. 

Advent Trooper Information

It has been 20 years since XCOM failed to defeat the alien threat. In the years since the first invasion, a new group of collaborators have risen to favor with the alien occupiers. These individuals are ADVENT - a group of soldiers who make up the aliens' own personal police force. The ADVENT Trooper also comes in elite versions that feature more health and damage output.


  • Magnetic Rifle: 3 Damage
  • Grenade: On elite version
  • May call in reinforcements

Tactical Strategies

These are your standard ADVENT fodder, they can generally be taken on one on one but as most things in XCOM become dangerous when working together. Try to concentrate your efforts to bring one down at a time.

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