Icarus Armor

Project Archon King Autopsy
Production Cost
Production Time ?? Days

Icarus Armor is an Armor in XCOM 2. It is exclusive to the Alien Hunters DLC.


Icarus Armor Information


 In-game description goes here.


Tactical Info

  1. +7 Health
  2. +1 Mobility
  3. +1 Armor
  4. +1 Extra Item Slot


Tactical Strategies

  • Gives soldier vault which allows them to jump to the top of ledges and structures.
  • Icarus Jump propulsion jet allows for an instant launch to a position explored already. 2 charges per mission. Does not use an action but breaks concealment.
  • Archons seeing this armor may panic.



  • Does not negate fall damage.
  • ??


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