ADVENT Shieldbearer

Aim 70
Crit 10
Defense 10
Health 8
Mobility 12
Will 75
Tech 125

ADVENT Shieldbearer is an Enemy in XCOM 2. 

ADVENT Shieldbearer Information

While Stun LancersTroopers, and Officers are all formidable opponents among ADVENT's stable of soldiers, one of their toughest units is the Shieldbearer.

The ADVENT Shieldbearer, arguably the ultimate support unit in XCOM2, is a defensive powerhouse. Shieldbearers have special armor, as you can see in the images here, and can provide a Shield Bonus to other nearby enemy units on the battlefield.


  • Mag Rifle: 5-6 Damage
  • Energy Shield: Large AoE shield that confers 3 health to ally soldiers (5 on elite version)

Tactical Strategies

  • Tend to favor their lance over their firearm and will not hesitate to use their shield to protect their allies, so try and keep them away from their more severely damage allies.
  • If the Shieldbearer dies, all shielded enemies lose their shield.

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