Type Utility Item
Project Engineering Projects
Production Cost 50 Supplies
Production Time 14 Days

Skulljack is a Utility Item in XCOM 2.

Skulljack Information

Before we even had time for field trials, the troops had already taken to calling it a "Skulljack." In the simplest of terms, its a physical interface designed to access the chip implanted in the ADVENT forces' skulls, applied using directed blunt force.

Tactical Info

The Skulljack is a melee range utility item that is created from an Engineering Project for use within a mission on an ADVENT Officer, in order to gain access to the alien network. This objective can be completed during any mission, and will appear as an active objective in your Missions until completed, but during which mission you actually decide to complete the objective is entirely up to you. It must be constructed in the Proving Ground and then equipped as one of the Utility Items on a Soldier before launching into a mission.

The Skulljack will kill an enemy it successfully hacks, and will deal 2 damage on an unsuccessful hack.

Tactical Strategies

Upgrading to Skullmining will improve the Hack stat of the soldier it is equipped on by 25, and successfully hacking with it will gain a chance to obtain Intel and other tactical information on alien operations.

Utility Items

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