Aim 75
Crit 15
Defense ??
Health 24
Mobility 15
Will 75

Berserker is an Enemy in XCOM 2. 

Berserker Information

The enemy with the strongest melee attack in XCOM 2 is undoubtedly the Berserker.

This female monstrosity, which also appeared in XCOM: Enemy Unknown but has been greatly enhanced in XCOM 2, is merciless and has the potential to become enraged, increasing her attack range and damage output. If any unit – whether they be ADVENT or XCOM – gets too close to an enraged Berserker in XCOM 2, she will lash out with her powerful melee attack.

Keep this in mind, Commander, as it may prove vital when plotting your higher-level tactics in XCOM 2.


  • Melee Attack: 6-7 Damage
  • Enrage: increases attack range and damage

Tactical Strategies

Be mindful of distance when dealing with these enemies, especially since they do not feature a ranged attack. Try and damage these from afar with your Sharpshooter or Grenadier, and consider keeping Rangers away from melee range. When enraged this advice is twice as important.

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