Berserker Queen

Aim 75
Crit ??
Defense 0
Health 81
Mobility 14
Will 75

Berserker Queen is an Enemy in XCOM 2

Berserker Queen Information


This Berserker not only has been genetically modified, but also given substantially altered equipment tied directly to its central nervous system. Extreme care should be taken when attempting to disconnect any of the embedded systems.



  • Melee Attack
  • Quake: 1-3 damage in 4 tile radius. Knocks soldiers back with chance to disorient, stun or make unconscious
  • Faithbreaker: Powerful scream that triggers a Will check. Panic on fail.

Tactical Strategies

  • Be mindful of distance when dealing with these enemies, especially since they do not feature a ranged attack. Try and damage these from afar with your Sharpshooter or Grenadier, and consider keeping Rangers away from melee range. When enraged this advice is twice as important.



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