Mobility determines the amount the Soldier can move on his/her Combat turn in XCOM 2. The higher the number the more spaces he/she can move. Mobility can be modified by Weapons and Armor.

Mobility Information

Mobility remains the same at every rank and its value is 12.

Mobility can be increased by equipping appropriate Personal Combat Sim (up to +4 mobility) and special armor like Wraith suit (+2 mobility).

Default Mobility Values by Soldier Class

Weapon Upgrades that Improve Mobility

  • ?
  • ??

Armor Upgrades that Improve Mobility

  • ??

Status Effects that Improve/Reduce Mobility

  • ??

    • Anonymous

      Blackdragonbird24 Feb 2016 11:37  

      Anyone knows how to chance the mobility bonus of a weapon using only the INI files of the vanilla game?

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